Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2022

Heading To Ed Fringe? Let Us Interview You!

For one week only, improv Corner is going to have a break to bring some very important Festival news. 

For the first time since the pandemic, the comedy festivals are in full swing this year and we want to do all we can to promote your show! That is right, we want to promote YOU! Whether you are doing a solo show, improv show, stand up comedy, theatre or drama we want to help promote your show. 

Let me tell you about The Phoenix Remix, my name is Holly, I founded the website at the end of 2015 as I wanted a place to write about my three loves – comedy, music and travel. Since then the website has grown in readers and it gets about 60,000 annually. 

One of our most popular times is comedy season and I can interview up to hundreds of acts to help promote their shows. For example, for the 2019 Edinburgh Festival Fringe I interviewed nearly 150 acts that were performing. 

So, if you are performing at Ed Fringe or even Camden Fringe, feel free to drop us an email phoenixremixcomedy@gmail.com and I will be sure to send you some questions to help you out! 

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