Welcome To Rachel Thorn Month!

Summer is just around the corner and one thing that goes hand in hand with the sun is Festival season! This month, acts up and down the country are heading to various festivals to perform and one that they are heading to is none other than Brighton Fringe. So throughout the month we will be speaking to acts that are performing to find out all about their sets.

We also have a very special guest for the month as well, she is someone you may know the name of as she has written a lot of content for us in the past – Rachel Thorn. As well as heading to the Brighton Fringe with her improv team Mates, we are spending the month discussing writing, performing, rehearsing, her other improv team Sex Lies and Improvisation and much more.

So stay tuned as this month is packed with lots of great interviews, prepared to get you in the festival spirit!

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