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The Travel Book – Walking The Highlands – The Walk To Blarmacfoldach

Over the Christmas period, I went to Fort William and in that time walked just under 90 miles. Whilst I didn’t climb Ben Nevis, I did a lot of walking and kept a diary of a few of them and give you an insight into what you can get up to in that area of the highlands. If you don’t want to go to the areas near Ben Nevis, there are some fantastic walks that focus more on the town areas that can still welcome you to some amazing views and sights. Today’s walk takes you from Fort William to the viewing point Blarmacfoldach.

Today’s walk is a shorter one but it does have a really steep incline so you get a strong workout when you do it. Also the view at the top is well worth it. I may not of started the walk from the station but I will start this route discussion from there so it is easier to navigate.

The town centre

The main way to get to the walk is to head to the town centre, there are many ways to get to the main route. I am going to go the way that I have been before. You walk into town, past the Tescos Express and take the first left called Bank Street. Follow the road to the top where you will meet Fassifern Road. This is quite a long road but you want to follow it until you read Union Road at the Y Section. On the walk up, you will notice some impressive views of the town.

One of the views walking up Lundavra Road

When you get to the end of Union Road, you head up Lundavra Road, this is a long road and you follow this all the way up to the actual viewing point. This road gets significantly steep so be warned that it is a walk that you will need a bottle of water with it.

The view of Ben Nevis on Old Military Road

Near the top of the road, it turns into Old Military Road and you will notice from the cattle grid and gate that the road becomes more of a country style and has no pavements so be warned. The last stretch of the road is very steep so be prepared for the incline but keep with it as the view at the top is worth it. As you walk up, if you look to the left you will see Ben Nevis, especially on a clear day.

The view from Blarmachfoldach

At the top is Blarmacfoldach, if you have a picnic, I would say it is the perfect spot on a sunny, clear day. as the view is phenomenal. On a clear day you can see for miles and it is definitely worth the walk!

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