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The Travel Book – Walking The Highlands – The Walk To Corpach

Over the Christmas period, I went to Fort William and in that time walked just under 90 miles. Whilst I didn’t climb Ben Nevis, I did a lot of walking and kept a diary of a few of them, So over the next few weeks we are going to look at them and give you an insight into what you can get up to in that area of the highlands. If you don’t want to go to the areas near Ben Nevis, there are some fantastic walks that focus more on the town areas that can still welcome you to some amazing views and sights. Today’s walk takes you from Fort William to Corpach. I kept a diary so here is my entry.


The walk into the woodland near the housing area

Today we walked along the footpath from Fort William to Corpach, to get to the start of the walk you have to head up the roads behind Morrisons and Lidl. This small housing area eventually leads to a woodland area. As you walk through the woods you are welcomed to amazing views across the water that you don’t expect.

The view you get when you leave the woods

As you walk further on you are welcomed with the amazing views of Ben Nevis and on a clear day you can see for miles. You also get to walk past some interesting places along the water and some wildlife as well.

The view of Ben Nevis as you walk by the water

When you have followed the foot path around the water you are welcomed to the ruins of old Inverlochy Castle, you can choose to walk around it but instead we decided to keep walking.

Inverlochy Castle ruins

There are two ways that you can cross the next part of the water. The footbridge for walks can cause vertigo (I was with someone who experienced it) not because of it’s height but because of the style of bridge. If this is the case, never fear, there is a bridge about an extra 15 / 20 minutes up the road that you can use and easily return to the footpath easily.

The bridge that may cause vertigo

Once you pick up the footpath again you will be walking along a residential area that goes through an area that leads to anther part of the loch. After a while you will end up in a place called Coal and if you walk through this residential area you will end up along a footpath that will lead you to two shipwrecks – a sailing boat and a huge ship that was pulled up onto the beach a decade ago.

One of the shipwrecks

Once past the footpath you will end the walk along a canal that leads to the sea loch in Corpach. When you get to the end of the canal, make sure that you turn around to see a breathtaking view.

The view when you look back from the canal

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