The Travel Book

The Travel Book – Let’s Talk Stations – London Edition

OK, so this may be a really random topic to start the year on, I am not a train spotter but this is the one thing that I have learnt from the world of travel is that you have to admire the stations as they can come in all varieties. The architecture of a station can be fascinating and there are so many great ones. So today we are going to look at specifically London as I use these a lot and there are some really interesting ones.

Photo by Guillaume Meurice on

Kings Cross & St Pancras

Now, I know these are two separate stations but they are next to each other and so going to put them together. They are two stations that have their own individual style and feel.

Kings Cross is obviously known for it’s Harry Potter associations and the tourist area of Platform 9 and 3/4 but as train station it is pretty impressive. There is a wonderful white decoration that goes up the wall and into the ceiling as the main part of the station and it creates this wonderful big space. It is a great way of combining the old architecture with the new. If you go up the escalator where the food area is you can get this amazing view of the whole station.

When you walk across to St Pancras there is such a different feel to it and it does feel in some ways more like an airport. You have the Eurostar there so it makes it really interesting and a more diverse range of shops, sort of like a duty free. The things I really like about this station is the roof and the statue, take a moment to go up the escalator to really experience just how big this station is.


In 2014, I used to have to go to this station a lot for my commute for work and a lot of that time was waiting for a train to arrive. Now, whilst it is a very basic and small station compared to others, it is very quaint and still has elements of history to it. The place where the trains are is very pretty and again the roof is wonderful and you can see the age of the station.


This has recently gone under some revamp but it is still something that to me defines what London is. Whenever I am away from the Capital, it is a place I always make an effort to visit. It is a very busy station and pre-covid I used to love going there before work of improv, grabbing a coffee and go up the top part and just appreciate the movement and business of the surroundings.

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