30 Best Songs of 2021 – pt 1

It has come to the point of the year when we celebrate all things music and take a look back on the year and what songs that it has provided us with. . Today we have a look at the first ten in our list of greatest songs of 2021.

1) No Son Of Mine – Foo Fighters

It was a track that was released on the very first day of 2021 and was also the second track for the band to release off of their tenth album Medicine At Midnight. The song apparently hints inspiration from Motorhead and Queen. It did well in the charts and went to number 6 in the UK Rock and Indie charts.

2) I’m So Sad – 3oh!3

This year saw the return of the electronic duo 3oh!3 who released brand new music for the first time in years. This song was released in January. The single I’m So Sad was the debut single off of their brand new album NEED which was a play on the title of their 2008 album WANT.

3) Snow Globe – Waterparks

This year, Waterparks returned with a brand new album called Greatest Hits and one of the first tracks to be released as a single was called Snowglobe. The single was released near the end of February and showed a different side to the band and focussed on a hypnotic, electronic sound.

4) Easy On Me – Adele

It was a huge year for Adele fans as she made her return to the music scene with a brand new single and album. The first single off of the album was called Easy On Me and it was released the 15th October with themes of nostalgia, regret and forgiveness. Like all of her singles, it was an instant hit and went into the top 10 in 36 countries.

5) Let The Bad Times Roll – The Offspring

Another band that returned this year with brand spanking new music was the Punk Rock group The Offspring. The single was released on the 23r February and it was the lead single off of the album named the same thing. It went to number 1 in the US Mainstream Rock Chart and in Canada Rock Chart.

6) Palm Reader, DREAMERS ft UPSAHL and Big Boi

In March 2021, the pop rock trio Dreamers released the really catchy track Palm Reader. The track was a collaboration with Outkast’s Big Boi and also features Upsahl. The single comes off of the EP of the same name that was released in March also this year.

7) Choker, Twenty One Pilots

This year also saw the return of Twenty One Pilots and on the 30th April 2021 they released the single Choker. The track was taken from their sixth studio album called Scaled and Icy. The single reached position 14 in the US Alternative Rock chart. The music video was recorded in a toy shop.

8) Transparent Soul, Willow featuring Travis Barker

This year Willow Smith returned with a brand new sound and with the help of Travis Barker was able to make an explosive return with the single Transparent Soul. The single was released on the 27th April via Youtube and did well in the charts as it went in at number 9 in the US Rock Airplay charts. It was also the lead single off of her fourth studio album Lately I Feel Everything.

9) Euphoria, Angels & Airwaves

After many years, Angels and Airwaves returned this year with a brand new album and one of the singles to be released off of it Euphoria. The single was released on the 19th May 2021, it was also the same say that they announced the first leg of their American tour. The single is defined as post-hardcore.

10)All The Way To The Bank – Mendon Hale

It was announced earlier this year that frontman Matty had left Zebrahead and he rebranded as a country singer called Mendon Hale. This is one of the singles off of his EP that he released this year that was called Hand On The Heartland. We also interviewed Mendon earlier this year

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