Taste Of States – BEYOND THE FOOD SPECIAL –Dunkin’ Donuts Sneakers

This time last year we took a look at a completely different angle at the subject of food in the USA. Well this year for December we are bringing the special feature back! Food isn’t something you can just eat, it is also something you can now wear, use or even have it as a scent. One of the most crazy things I think I have seen myself was when I was in Chicago airport, and there was Bacon flavored toothpaste. Since that day in 2011 I’ve been fascinated with what else is out there. So this month I thought we would look at some more of the unusual products on the market.


Over the last few years, Dunkin’ Donuts has teamed up with the brand Saucony to create a limited edition set of sneakers to tie in with the up and coming marathons. The first set of Sneakers came out in 2018 where they sold out really quickly because of their unique design and fun take.

It is a tradition with the brand Saucony that they design a pair of custom shows for the Boston Marathon. In 2018 it was a Dunkin’ Edition that they released because it is a very popular food chain and a lot of people enjoy the franchise. They try to team up with really popular brands to create unique and fun ideas.

The sneakers could be purchased for $110 and sold out really quickly every year they are on sale. The reason that they are so popular is that they have a very special design with a donut on them with sprinkles glittered throughout to bring the donut experience to life.

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