The Travel Book – Music & Travel – Pt.8 Avicii

I find both music and travel are both quite personal experiences and when there is a moment or time where they can merge together it can create something pretty special. I listen to a lot of music when I go travelling and sometimes the experience is so special that the song sticks with that travel event as a memory. So I thought it would be nice to visit that topic and talk to you over the next few weeks about just some of the magical musical moments I have had on my adventures.

Location : Tampa, Florida
Song: Wake Me Up, Avicii

Sometimes a great travel memory will come to mind when you hear a certain song and today we look at one that always makes me happy and remember great times I had at the end of 2013. Tampa was an interesting place to visit, not that touristy but there was one thing I loved about it and that was the situation of our hotel.

It was right next to the events arena which meant we made a lot of effort to go to as many events as possible and one thing we went to see a lot of was Ice Hockey, The Tampa Bay Lightning.

It was so great to see Tampa Bay Lightning play and one song that played at every single match was the song Wake Me Up by Avicii. The song brought the stadium to life and had this sort of energy that Ice Hockey thrives under. When the musical interlude kicks in the audience went sort of crazy as it created this excitement for the game to come.

It is a track that whenever I hear, it takes me back to the stadium, to the exact seat I was sitting in waiting for the team Martin St. Louis to hit the ice. This song makes me happy and I love it so much and I always look forward to the day I get to hear it again.

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