The Travel Book – Music & Travel – Pt.2 Olly Murs

I find both music and travel are both quite personal experiences and when there is a moment or time where they can merge together it can create something pretty special. I listen to a lot of music when I go travelling and sometimes the experience is so special that the song sticks with that travel event as a memory. So I thought it would be nice to visit that topic and talk to you over the next few weeks about just some of the magical musical moments I have had on my adventures.

Location : Newcastle
Song: Seasons, Olly Murs

I lived in Newcastle for a year for work and in that time I did a lot of travelling, whether it was to see new places, going to work or coming home for the weekend, there was a lot. Being so far away from home meant that sometimes it was pretty difficult and that is when I would listen to Olly Murs.

I have no idea why Olly Murs became my go to soundtrack when I felt homesick because I am not even from Essex but I found his music really comforting and that made me feel closer to London. One song I used to listen to alot was the track Seasons.

Seasons is one of those songs that really is sort of thematic and creates these really nice backing tracks to places you visit I did a lot of bus journeys in Newcastle and listening to songs like Seasons made the scenery come to life.

Newcastle and its surrounding areas are beautiful and quite rugged and listening to Olly Murs whilst going past some of these tracks made the more wonderful to see.

Another time I would listen to Olly Murs a lot is on the journey home. It would take up to 5 hours and in that time I would have his songs on repeat as they were perfect to fall asleep to.

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