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At the moment with this article we are taking a look at the world of the cruise. There are so many different elements to look at and today we are looking at a topic which is always fun to discuss and can be quite a complex subject on a cruise – The Food.

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Today’s Topic – Dining On Board

Different cruise ships handle this very differently, with some having a class system of what price cabin you bought depends on what place you eat in (which is ridiculous I know). I luckily didn’t go on a cruise like that so I won’t be discussing it but it is something to be aware of when you book.

When you get into your room you will be given a letter with a time on that will tell you what time you will be allowed to eat in the main dining room. There are usually 2 or 3 sittings and some can be quite late at night. Every time I have been on a cruise, I tend to avoid these meals – our sitting time was always late and you have to hare a table with others which you don’t always want to do.

If you are not a fan of the main dining area, never fear! There is usually so many different places to eat on board and today we will take a look at them.

The Canteen

Most ships have their own standard canteens which has a lot of different options available for you to try for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This area can get pretty busy – if you want a but of fun, go just before opening and sit down and watch people literally race to be the first in the queue. Trust me it can create a lot of drama.

Fancy Meals

On board, there will be these restaurants that you can pay a tiny supplement and for that it will give you a more fine dining experience. On the ship that I was on, we had a Michel Roux restaurant and also a Chinese restaurant that had amazing food that you only paid £10 extra to get great food.

Random Pop-Ups

Depending on the day, weather, theme etc there can be random pop ups that can appear around the ship. One of the days I was on board they had a BBQ near the swimming pool where you could get either hot dogs or burgers.

Food From The Ports

If you want snacks and things you can buy them from the ports that you go to and bring them on board. At Christmas we bought oranges from Valencia and ate them on board the whole time. You should have a fridge in your cabin which can be very useful.

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