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The Travel Book – Cruise Tip Special – Welcome On Board!

The other day I realised that all the time I have written this article I have not really spoken about going on a cruise! So I thought it would be interesting to discuss this. I have been on a handful of cruises from Norway to Antigua and whilst it may of been all with the same company, I feel there are a few tips I can pass on. So over the next few weeks I thought I would talk about different aspects of going on a cruise.

Today’s Topic – The First Day on Board

For our first set of articles I thought it would be fun to talk about settling into the cruise way of life as there is a lot to take in. So here are a few pointers to get you going.

Arrive early and on time

Getting onto the ship in the first place can be a long and timely process as there are a lot of people and there is a lot of people and there is things such as passports to check as well as security scans of your suitcases. Basically it is very similar to a check in at an airport. If you are arriving to the port by car then definitely arrive early as there can be a lot of queues to the entrance.

Make your cabin comfortable

Whether you are on a weekend cruise, a week cruise, a month or around the world cruise – you should make your cabin feel as homely as possible. Whether this is unpacking parts of your suitcase or getting to know your room. Whether you have an inside room, balcony or suite, it is a room you are going to spend a lot of time in it so try and embrace it as much as you can.

Get familiar with the layout of the ship

The check in process can take quite a while to complete so whilst that is happening you can do something that is really great fun – exploring the ship. The cruise ship is huge so walking around before you embark for the sea can be quite fun and also very useful. It allows you to get acquainted with the layout of the boat.

So there are a few pointers and over the up and coming weeks we will take a look at different topics surrounding cruise life.

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