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In 2021, we want to give you some special editions of the Travel Book throughout the year. Whilst there is still so many places to write about, I think it is also really fun to write about actual experiences that I have had whilst travelling. There have been so many interesting stories so I thought what better way to celebrate them then by telling you all about them.

Going To Stonehenge Twice In A Day

Now, when you think of places that are iconic for tourists to go and visit, one place that springs to mind is Stonehenge. It is unique, it has got a lot of history, it is something that you will never see anywhere else in the world. When I was a kid, we used to go to Devon a lot for holidays and we would drive past Stonehenge every time and it used to fascinate me back then, It was only when I came to University in Dorset that I actually went and saw it up close (or it could of been a school trip when I was 11 but I cannot remember that).

One year at University I worked at a summer camp for International Students and one of my jobs was to take them on day trips and one of the trips that we took them to was Stonehenge and one day my rota meant that I had to go there twice in a day.

Going somewhere like Stonehenge twice in a day is a bit weird, it is a fantastic site to see but once you have been there the first time, the second visit in the same day a few things start to happen:

Queues – I am not the biggest fan anyway of huge tourist attractions at the peak of summer and tourist season is something I always attend to avoid but that is what I was faced with. It is really irritating as the car park is busy and it has an awkward entrance to the actual attraction that the second time round it feels very slow.

You Lose Interest – The first time it is an amazing thing to see, you embrace the site and do the tourist thing of taking photos and looking at it and the facts. However the second time it is not the same, and I sat on a bench with my colleague and listened to him read me Shakespeare as he learnt his lines.

You Notice How Small They Are – Ok, so when you see Stonehenge the first time you automatically are surprised by how small it is but when you go twice in a day it plays on your mind even more, you stare at it looking and thinking random thoughts all the time.

Whilst there were some negatives about visiting it twice a day, I mainly enjoyed my experience I found the best time to go is a really lovely summers day because the local farmer used to sell his strawberries in the car park and they were amazing,

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