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The Travel Book – TRAVEL STORIES – That Time I Saw The Blue Whale

In 2021, we want to give you some special editions of the Travel Book throughout the year. Whilst there is still so many places to write about, I think it is also really fun to write about actual experiences that I have had whilst travelling. There have been so many interesting stories so I thought what better way to celebrate them then by telling you all about them.

That Time I Saw The Blue Whale

I have spoken before about whale watching on this before but the best time I ever had was in the Azores. It was 2013 and as part of a cruise to the Caribbean we were to stop at Horta on the way back and one of the options was to go Whale watching, which as you know I love so it was something we had to do again.

When we arrived to Horta, the weather was really poor, it was rainy, misty and the sea was rough, we had to get to shore by tenders so we felt the roughness of the sea before we even landed. I am someone who usually gets sea sick on cruise ships if the sea is rough but what I have found with smaller boats is that if you stand and walk with the movement of the sea you can avoid feeling it.

We went on the whale watching boat and the sea was rough, a lot of the people that we were with felt incredibly sick and were sitting in the bottom part of the boat but because I was walking with the waves I was actually ok and it meant that I could also get a great spot next to the driver to see the whales. It took a 30 minute or so drive into the sea before we saw anything and the driver would show me where to look – even though he only spoke Portuguese and I know only the very basics of the language we worked out how to communicate with each other.

Even though the sea was incredibly rough, it has been one of the best places that I have visited for whales and one of the best ones I saw was the blue whale. It was so big, whilst it never really jumped out of the sea and we never saw the whole size being in the present of one of the biggest mammals in the world was really surreal.

It was one of the best whale watching experiences that I have had as I saw so many (as well as dolphins) but seeing a huge blue whale, well that was emotional.

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