Off The Record – EP Focus – Hand On the Heartland, Mendon Hale

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the brand new EP by Mendon Hale – Hand On the Heartland.


This is the opening track on the EP and was also one of the first tracks to be released off of the EP, it is a track that has a really catchy melody to it and feels unique in it’s style as the instrument that sounds like a banjo is played in a very fun way to create this really exciting melody. It is a great track to kick of an EP because it is fresh, uplifting and really welcomes you to the world of Mendon Hale.

All The Way To The Bank

Out of all the songs that Mendon has released I think this is my favourite song so far, it is really catchy and once you have heard it, the melody and the chorus are very hard to get out of your head. If you are new to the world of country then this is a song that will ease you in and also highlights the talent of Mendon as an artist. It is a song that is full of bold guitar riffs and these great country melodies that intertwine throughout to create this great track. There is also a fantastic guitar solo about halfway through as well.

Hand On the Heartland

This song is the the same name as the EP whish also is a signifier to me that the song must be pretty special – and this one is. The track is a lot slower then the two before it, there is emotion that is expressed wonderfully through the soulful guitar melodies and the picturesque lyrics. It is one of those songs that you can imagine listening to on a summers day and can also make you feel a bit nostalgic. This is one of those tracks that you know will sound really good with the car windows wound down whilst you are on a long distance car ride.

East Bound and Down

The melody that introduces you to the track is fast paced and really highlights the up beat, toe tapping side of country. This song is very different to the others that have come before and may feel more ‘country’ then the others but it is a fun little track. If you listen carefully you will hear a lot of different elements to the music construction that make it quite a complex track that you may not realise at first.

I Got The Girl

When this song starts, you automatically feel the emotion of the track through the music, the lyrics bring another level of feeling to it and create a sense of romance and uplifting vibes to it. The lyrics take you on a journey that paint a picture in your head and you walk away from the track with clear visuals of what the words are trying to paint. The chorus is really catchy and are the star of the song.

Raising Humans

This is the last song on the album and whilst it is slower and you can feel the emotion throughout the track it also is a very clever song. The words are to make you feel like you are a dog and they are discussing their humans and what they notice about them. It is a lovely song to end the album on as it is very different and more of an acoustic track, the lyrics make it feel very personal as well which again feels like a common theme on this EP and it leaves you wanting more and looking forward to the next EP.

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