Gigstory – Having A Party with 3OH!3

Welcome to a feature that will be published every other week. I go to a lot of gigs and there are always little stories that come out of them that I always want to tell someone so what better place to do it!

Todays Gig: Having A Party with 3OH!3

I was at University, it was around the time when 3OH!3 were becoming big in the United Kingdom, They had released singles such as Don’t Trust Me and Startrukk (the version with Katy Perry) and when it was announced that they were going on tour and that one of the venues was where we were, I knew I had to go. My friend and I got tickets and were very excited for that day to arrive.

The venue that they played was pretty small, it was the student night club. As a night club it was quite big but when it turned into a gig venue it was a lot smaller and was great for an intimate venue because everywhere you stood you got a great view. All around the edges it had these tall tables and high benches that were bolted to the walls and the floor. We decided to sit at the one right at the front as it had such a great view of the stage as it was pretty much right next to it.

When 3OH!3 came on it was like one big party atmosphere and it was so fun. The mosh pit went wild and because it was a small venue it was insane to watch! We decided to stand up on the benches that we were on and we had this amazing view over the crowd and also were able to dance and have so much fun in our own area. It was a gig with so much energy and it never dropped once.

If you get a chance to see this band live I recommend it as they were really fantastic and knew how to work a crowd. I hope I get to see them again as it really was a great experience and it is one of those gigs I am glad I recorded parts of it.

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