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I used to travel a lot and with that you start to use a lot of different hotels, there are things that start to stand out that you start to like and dislike about them. Whilst I tend to stay at different brands big or small, you start to notice things that can really impact your stay. So over the next couple of weeks I thought I would talk about a few generic points about this both the good and bad things that I like and do not like about hotels. To start things off in a fun way we are going to look at things that I really like about hotels. It doesn’t matter whether it is a pricey hotel or an independent some things can really make the difference to your stay.

A fridge in the room

It may sound like a silly little thing but trust me, if you are staying in a hotel for a few days or even longer a fridge becomes your best friend. Whether it is to store food and drinks or even real milk instead of UHT for a cup of tea, if you have a fridge you can live like a star in the hotel room.

Air Conditioner

In this day and age you would probably think that everywhere will have this but there are still a lot of hotels that do not and it can be such a pain if it is a hot room or airless. When a room has air conditioner it is the bee knees and it makes a world of difference, if you get a room that has air con that is pretty much silent then that is the dream as you can sleep perfectly.

Free Water

Sometimes, especially abroad a hotel will give you free bottles of water as part of the room and it is a game changer trust me. I really wish all hotels provided this as it really does make a difference to the stay you feel welcomed and that little bit special. Also it allows you to really

Comfortable Bed

The most important thing of all is that the bed is comfortable and when you get one that is it makes the hotel experience so much better. I love it when you get the hotel room with a bed so comfy that you just want to relax in it all the time and you feel fully relaxed.

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