In The Games Corner – MEMORY CARD EDITION – Ecco The Dolphin

Welcome to a sister article to In The Games Corner that is about computer games but with a different spin. I have been playing computer games from a very young age and I find that some games when I think of them are attached to very strong memories. So, I thought it would be fun to share memories that I have attached to some of these games as there are a few. I wanted to call this feature Memory Card because a lot of my memories that i have strongly are around the Playstation 1 and there will be a few around that particular card. Today we take a look at Ecco The Dolphin

Sometimes when you think about a game, it is more about the nostalgia hit when you think about it then the actual game play. When I was a kid I remember Ecco being played alot and that is why it goes hand in hand strongly with those thoughts.

The one thing that stands out to me as a really vivid memory is just how difficult the game was. As a young child I don’t think I really got the jist of what the objectives were, instead I just enjoyed playing the dolphin and exploring under the sea.

It was a game that fascinated me, even though it was hard to crack, it was such a unique game and really stood out. I remember that the graphics were amazing to me (it was a different time and does not obviously compare to the style that we have now.) I just liked the fact that it was underwater, I think there weer very few games that explored the deep blue sea and that is why I enjoyed it. I would love for them to remaster it now just to see the ways that would build this magical world with modern graphics.

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