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The Travel Book – TRAVEL STORIES – 2000 Miles Of Switzerland By Train

In 2021, we want to give you some special editions of the Travel Book throughout the year. Whilst there is still so many places to write about, I think it is also really fun to write about actual experiences that I have had whilst travelling. There have been so many interesting stories so I thought what better way to celebrate them then by telling you all about them.

2000 Miles Of Switzerland By Train

One year for Christmas we decided to go to Switzerland for the whole time and we did a lot of planning before hand to see what we could actually do whilst we were there for three weeks. When we were researching the cities, we came across information that informed us that it was actually really easy to get around the country without driving and that you could actually do a lot by the trains. They even had these extended tickets you could purchase that meant that you could interrail and go on as many trains or routes that you wanted. When we went to Switzerland we made sure that it was vital to get these tickets.

These tickets paid for themselves as we were able to travel so much and ended up doing 2,000 miles and went to every angle of the country and also went up to many mountain resorts as well. The trains are wonderful and they have these huge windows that allow you to really see the beauty in all its glory.

I took some amazing photos from these journeys as they were breathtaking sights. It allowed you to explore the country in such a unique and different way

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