The Travel Book – AROUND THE UK SPECIAL – Historical Sights

With the lockdown slowly starting to ease in the United Kingdom I thought it would be good fun to talk about different places of interest that I personally enjoy in the country.  So ever so often I am going to cover different topics of places you could visit that I personally enjoyed. 


It is a place I have visited quite a few times and even though this is the case, the unique structure of this always fascinates me. The first thing that you will notice straight away is that they are not as big as you imagine. However when you walk around the structure you can always find something to see every time that you visit. It can get really busy as it is a very popular tourist destination but it one of those places you must visit at some point. 

York Cathedral

I have only visited this once and it was absolutely breathtaking inside, the architecture is phenomenal and it is somewhere you mus take time to walk around and have a  look at. It is very expensive on the door which can be off-putting (and a reason why I very nearly didn’t go in) but when you are walking around inside you realise that it is worth it. My advice to you, always look up and take note of the ceilings, they are maybe just a small part of the building but they are amazing in their structural design and a piece of art on their own.

Hadrians wall 

I have only been to a small section of this wall but I aim to in the future to go back and visit this as it is so fascinating to see and really striking. It is something that you cannot really reach unless you drive but it is worth it. There are so many amazing places to see along this route and also you may spot some areas that have been used in films as well.

The Docklands

If you want to walk around somewhere where you can feel the history then I recommend that you check out the Docklands in London. Whilst there is a museum that can give you the real in depth information about the area, just walking around the old parts really gives you a sense of what the area was like years ago. If you read books like Charles Dickins or Sherlock Holmes it will paint a really visual image in your head which is similar to what you see today.


Sometimes you need history to be brought to life and one of the best places I have ever been for that is none other than Beamish in Durham. It is such a huge attraction and you walk through different areas of history to experience what it was like to live in those times. It is a great interactive experience and fun for all the family.

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