Welcome To David Escobedo Mega Improv Month

Welcome to a brand new month and with spring just around the corner it means that we wanted to bring you something a little bit special this month! In March we are very excited to be able to sit down with David Escobedo of The Improv Boost to talk everything about the comedy art form!

David Escobedo is originally from San Diego currently living in the UK and has many years of experience when it comes to improv. He has performed with lots of different improv groups, helped organise comedy festivals, runs shows and has even written a book with a new one in the pipeline.

Over the next few weeks we will talk about everything from performance to writing books specifically based on Improv. We will not just be bringing you interviews on Wednesdays at 9am we are also going to be doing Improv Corner specials as well so we can delve into certain topics even further. So if you are a fan of improv there is a lot to look forward to this month!

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