Improv Corner – Bring Incomplete Games To The Table

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Are you one of those people that write down loads of ideas for games or exercises for improv that when you test them out they just don’t seem to work or need something more to them to make the game or idea make sense? Well, dust off those notebooks and get out those ideas again because this time they may work!

The good thing about the improv community mainly going online is that you can look at these old ideas and see if they can work instead in this new environment. Online improv works differently to normal improvisation meaning that the ideas that didn’t work in real life rehearsals could work in an online world. It allows you to focus on the idea from a different angle and may allow you to see the idea in a whole new light and different perspective. You might even realise that they work better in this way.

I personally think that it is important to keep a notebook with all the ideas that you have for improv scenes or games. No matter how little big or big the idea is, keep note as you can always find a way to use it at a later date.

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