The Single Sessions – NEW CHRISTMAS SONGS – Snowfall Of December, DSM featuring Ben Davidson

All this month we are celebrating Christmas by looking at some of the new singles that are released this year! We will be covering all sorts of genres and looking at a variety of artists and bands! We will be giving you a review of the song and an in depth look at the track! So let’s kick things off with a brand new track by DSM featuring Ben Davidson – Snowfall of December

Snowfall Of December, DSM featuring Ben Davidson

If you are looking for a romantic song this festive season then look no further as this collaboration between DSM and Ben Davidson has you covered! This song is a piano based balled which allows you to fall straight into the narrative of a story about falling in love in the snow of December.

Ben’s soulful singing is emotional and allows you to go on this journey with him, it is a really lovely pop track that even though it isn’t completely about Christmas it has a real festive vibe about it. If you are a fan of Rom Com Christmas films such as While You Were Sleeping, Serendipity and Love Actually then you will definitely enjoy this track. The track is written by DSM (Dan Scholes) and Indian poet Priya Singh which means that the words are really heartfelt and emotional.

Listen to If you like:  Shawn Mendes, Olly Murs, David Gray, Charlie Puth

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