The Travel Book At Christmas – Lots of Lights and Displays…

It is Christmas so what better way to celebrate the season then to talk about travel and fun things about the festive season. This year we are going to explore a lot of the different topic around the subject and take of look at different cities, countries and everything in between. The one thing I love about Christmas is the lights and finding a good display abroad always makes me happy. So today I am going to talk about some of my favourites.

Funchal, Madeira

If there is one thing this Island can do really well then it is the Christmas lights. They have a lot of tourists at this time of year so they go all out on making sure that there is a lot for them to see. Walking around the city, it is illuminated with so many tiny lights in all different colours. There is a Christmas garden and also a Christmas display by the sea – very impressive.

Angouleme, France

Angouleme is only a small town but the Christmas decorations are very pretty. We were in the town for a few days before Christmas and one night we went and explored all the streets and alleys with the lights. They were just so pretty – my favourite thing was the bauble chairs and the light display on the town hall. It may be a small place but the lights pack a punch.

Lansing, Illinois

When we visited Chicago we stayed in a home rental in Lansing. It was a quaint little area with a tiny little high street with one diner, a bar and a few boutique shops. On Christmas Eve we walked around the local avenues of houses to have a look at the Christmas lights and displays that the houses had done. It was lovely seeing how extravagant some of the houses went. It was a unique experience.

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