Taste Of States – BEYOND THE FOOD SPECIAL – Pizza Wedding Bouquet

This month we are taking a look at a completely different angle at the subject of food in the USA. Food isn’t something you can just eat, it is also something you can now wear, use or even have it as a scent. One of the most crazy things I think I have seen myself was when I was in Chicago airport, and there was Bacon flavored toothpaste. Since that day in 2011 I’ve been fascinated with what else is out there. So this month I thought we would look at some of the unusual products on the market.


It is your big day! You’re marrying the man or woman of your dreams and you are about to walk down the aisle, but what if you felt a bit hungry? Well, why not eat one of your flowers and your bouquet!

In 2018, an Italian restaurant chain the Villa Italian Kitchen started making pizza flowers for wedding bouquets. The flowers were crafted from dough, tomatoes, cheese and pepperoni and carefully rolled into shape. There was also matching button holes available for men.

The wedding accessories were part of an exclusive giveaway where you could enter online to win the special edition to your wedding. However, theythey were offered for a limited time to a limited amount of people.

They created a huge viral sensation and loads of people wanted them for their wedding day.

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