The Single Sessions – 2020 CHRISTMAS SONGS – Here for Christmas, Max Restaino

All this month we are celebrating Christmas by looking at some of the new singles that are released this year! We will be covering all sorts of genres and looking at a variety of artists and bands! We will be giving you a review of the song and an indepth look at the track! Today we look at a brand new track by Max Restaino that was released on the 27th November – Here For Christmas!

Here For Christmas, Max Restaino

The song opens with a really fun swing jazz feel to it and sort of transports you to an older era and the brass instruments make it a very uplifting track. This song has everything that you want from a festive song, especially in 2020 when there has been a lot of hard times for many people.

The song has the jingle of bells throughout the song that keep that festive sound constant throughout that is subtle but brings that Christmas joy to it. It is a track that makes you want to get up and dance to it. Whilst you can listen to this song and escape from the word and get into the festive cheer when you listen to the lyrics they have a sense of sadness to them but it is also one of those tracks that away from 2020 you could still listen to as a standalone track and enjoy it as it feels very unique.

It is a pleasant surprise to have a single like this released this year as you expect a lot of songs like Mad World but having a song like this that brings the joy back into the festive period is joyous.

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