The Travel Book At Christmas – Top 3 Christmas Shop Displays

It is Christmas so what better way to celebrate the season then to talk about travel and fun things about the festive season. This year we are going to explore a lot of the different topic around the subject and take of look at different cities, countries and everything in between! So let’s kick things off with lights and Christmas Displays. One thing that is great about this time of year is that stores go above and beyond to persuade people just to shop there. So let’s explore three great displays I have come across.

Inside The Hancock Tower, Chicago

In the Hancock Tower in 2011 there was a massive display of a train set going through lots of little villages with snow topped trees and Christmas scenes. The displays were really popular that loads of people had gathered to watch it. The display may of been something so simple it had such a great impact on the public and made us feel christmassy.

Dijon, France

In Dijon there are many fun little displays in the shop fronts however the one that stood out to me the most was a toy shop. This little shop wasn’t in the centre of the town instead it is part of the shops that are just on the outside away from the main tourist area. There are these little elves in the window that moved to make it look like they were wrapping presents for Father Christmas. It was so simple but such a clever idea that it really stands out.

Seville, Spain

This wasn’t really a shop so to say but a mini market area – in Spain Nativity displays are very popular and they go above and beyond on what they sell in regards to it. I am not a religious person but it was really interesting to see just how much they do for it. The market was sort of like a shop are with lots of display windows and mini displays of items you could add to your collection. The displays included things such as moving Donkeys, the manger, animals, angels etc. A really interesting place.

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