Adapting Stand Up Comedy To An Online Environment…

Last week in our Improv Corner feature we had a number of different pieces of advice from various improvisers as to how they have adapted to performing improv in an online environment. Well this year we have also spoken to a number of stand up comedians. So here are a handful of some of the advice they can give you about adapting stand up comedy to an online world.

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Mary O’Connell

Good lighting is pretty important, so is a good internet connection and you definitely need to be expressive with your face.

Naomi Campbell

Wear pyjamas, tone it down and don’t expect much evidence of laughter or enjoyment. 

Fiona Ridgewell

Always have zoom set to gallery view! Other than that I think the tips are the same be yourself, enjoy it and if you don’t get a laugh always assume the WiFi cut out. 

Christina O’Sullivan

  1. To use my face more – I practiced with my friend who does clowning
  2. Consider using props or some element of the environment you are in
  3. Double check your technology

Ania Magliano

Double your energy, stand up whilst performing and remember to mute when you go to loo.

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