The London Notebook

The London Notebook – The View Of The Thames

Welcome to a brand new Feature on the Phoenix Remix! One thing we really enjoy writing about is Travel and we have decided to expand on the writing we are doing about the topic! Whilst we are still keeping in the tradition of making our Tuesday Lunchtime articles inspired by a book it is also going to welcome Travel Tuesdays!

I have lived in London the majority of my life and it is a city that I have always been fascinated by because it doesn’t matter how many time you visit, you see something new.

Our brand new article is inspired by questions from a book called London Journal by Paperchase and each week we will look at different areas and topics about London! So, I hope you enjoy and lets kick things off!

London Quote of the Week

Oh, I love London society! It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what society should be.

Oscar Wilde

This Weeks Topic: The View of The Thames

The main thing that makes London unique is the Thames. It is one thing I truly love about the capital and the one thing I truly miss when I am away from it. I feel happiest when I am next to the water and I feel the same with the Thames as well. So here is a little list of areas I really love along the river banks. Now the Thames runs for a very long way outside of London so I am only talking about central London.


I used to work in Chiswick and the offices were really close to the Thames that on lunch breaks I would always go down to the water to get away. There was also a pub right on the river that we would go to every Friday afternoon. It is just a really nice part of the river and gives you more of an insight into suburban living in the capital as on the weekend it comes alive with rowers etc.

The Docklands

This is by far one of my favourite areas of the Thames, especially the boat ride up going towards Canary Wharf after Tower Bridge. There is so much history that is is still evident today when you look at the buildings by the waterfront. It is like you are walking on going back in time and it doesn’t matter how many times your visit you will always see something new.


I have only been to Greenwich maybe once or twice but I went there for the first time in years at the beginning of the year and when I had time early morning I walked around near the University whilst waiting for the boat (mainly because I wanted to see where Thor The Dark World was filmed). At that time of the morning the water is so peaceful and was a lovely was to see the Thames.

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