Improv Corner – Write Down Your Favourite Scenes…

What is your favourite show that you have ever done?
What is your favourite scene you have ever done?

I bet you are now sitting there trying to think or remember a scene or a show that you can answer these questions with. It is hard isn’t it? Improv tends to go by sometimes in a breeze that we forget to actually really appreciate the fun times and this can lead to forgetting fun times that we have had on stage.

I used to love writing the Improv Diaries as it allowed me to write down all my adventures in Improv, there hasn’t been any for a long time because this year due to the pandemic I have taken a break from performing so I don’t have anything to say and don’t want it to be forced but I cannot recommend highly enough keeping a record of scenes and shows you have enjoyed.

Why keep notes of scenes you are enjoyed doing?

Well firstly, if you are proud of making people laugh because of your scenes then that is an accomplishment that you may want to remember at a later date. It is so easy to forget what you did on stage but if you write it down you can look back and really appreciate a time where you had fun and felt powerful on stage.

Also some days we have bad times on stage and we can feel worthless and that we shouldn’t be performing improv. I know that sounds dark but every performer gets that feeling and when that hits you should be able to turn of to a notebook of all the fun things and times you have had to make you feel better about yourself as a performer.

The final reason that is fun to keep a written diary of scenes you enjoy because one day you may want to remember what you did in improv or show children in your family, or maybe even pass your knowledge and skills onto others, you never know!

Photo by Pixabay

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