The London Notebook

The London Notebook – Ticket Keepsakes

Welcome to a brand new Feature on the Phoenix Remix! One thing we really enjoy writing about is Travel and we have decided to expand on the writing we are doing about the topic! Whilst we are still keeping in the tradition of making our Tuesday Lunchtime articles inspired by a book it is also going to welcome Travel Tuesdays!

I have lived in London the majority of my life and it is a city that I have always been fascinated by because it doesn’t matter how many time you visit, you see something new.

Our brand new article is inspired by questions from a book called London Journal by Paperchase and each week we will look at different areas and topics about London! So, I hope you enjoy and lets kick things off!

London Quote of the Week

The English language is like London: proudly barbaric yet deeply civilised, too, common yet royal, vulgar yet processional, sacred yet profane. 

Stephen Fry

This Weeks Topic: Ticket Keepsakes

I love scrapbooking as you will read about more in the Travel Book this month. London is a great city to do this. I live in the capital so I am not committed to taking the scrapbook element of London very seriously like I do when I travel, however, I do like looking out for unusual things. So here are a few things in my London Scrapbook that I quite like.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

I went to this museum when my friend moved here from Brazil. I visited it around the time when I wasn’t reading the book so I suppose in some ways I couldn’t appreciate it the way I should. Saying that it was interesting but I really liked the leaflets and tickets as they are really quaint and unique.

Paddington Bear Statue Quest

The one thing great about London is that ever so often they have a walking adventure temporarily where you can see something special. When the first film was released there was a map released of all the Paddington bear statues that you could see around the city. Each of the Paddington’s were painted with different themes and it was so great to see. One day I walked to see a lot of them and kept the maps as a keepsake.

London Ice Bar

I went to the London Ice Bar last year as a surprise for my best friend and it was such a fun experience with a great bold colourful ticket, I just had to keep it to remember it all.


The one thing I always keep an eye on in London is for postcards. I don’t mean your classic photograph ones you get as tourist that you send back to the UK no I am talking about ones that are unusual and show London in a unique way. Here are a couple that I have.

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