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The Travel Book – Durdle Door, Dorset, United Kingdom

It is a location that is seen in many films and television shows and it is a place that if you live in the UK then you should make it your duty to eventually go and see this natural beauty because it really is unique and breathtaking. I have been to Durdle Door quite a few times, the first was when I was 11 at school and then we went quite a few times when I lived in Bournemouth – even at 4am to see the sun rise! (it was a cloudy day so sadly nothing happened).

Durdle Door, is located on the Jurassic Coastline near Lulworth Cove in Dorset. The Coast can be accessed by car or the X55 bus route. At the top of the cliff there is a car park where you can park your car.


So why should you visit Durdle Door? Well it is wonderful and not like anything else that you have seen before, it is a natural limestone arch! Whether you are a tourist or interested in geology it is phenomenal to see in person.

Whether you are walking along the coastline or walking from the car park. you have to walk down a steep hill to get to the beach itself. If you do make the effort to go to the area, your should really take time to appreciate and look at the structure as it really is impressive, especially when the waves crash against it and through it. You can see Durdle Door from afar as well if you do not decide to walk down to the beach and that is impressive too.

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