In The Games Corner – Lego Friends, Nintendo DS

Lego have great a lot of games over the years and this is one that I think has got lost in the mix. Lego Friends was a video game that was all about life simulation and it was released November 2013. It was developed by Hellbent games and published by Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.

The characters in the game living Heart Lake City. The player is a character that visits her cousin Olivia over the summer who resides in Heartlake City. The aim of the game is to help Olivia and her friends with a number of challenges in many games. The locations you visit include this High School pet salon and the park

In the game you have to complete many objectives by solving puzzles and if you complete them you open customization options and player friendship levels. Lego Friends received a lot of mixed to negative reviews game was criticized for being simplistic repetitive.

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