Improv Corner – Leave The Feedback Until Later….

Performing a show whether it is on the stage or online is great fun and is always an adrenaline rush when you walk away from it. There is one thing though that can happen after a show and that is your team will come together and start to review how the show went. Well the next time you do this really pay attention to the feedback you are giving to each other.

When you finish a show it is really easy to start critise or analyse the work you did for your audiences but when you come off stage you shouldn’t delve straight into what was wrong and what was right instead when you just walk off the stage keep it quick and very brief.

In regardless to whether it went well or bad, the most important thing to do is to walk away and analyse a show at a different time. By going into extreme depth straight away will not be good for your team and will create a sense of negativity after having such a high from performing.

In every team that I have been a part of, we have always decided that after a show we just keep it short and congratulate each other on the set and that everyone has done great work. If anyone has notes and says that they want to go through what we need to improve we say write it down and leave it until we meet next. Having that time between the show and the review means you have time to think about it and not be brash.

The worst thing that you can do is analyse a show over text as well – this can be misread and interpreted so its always best until you are in person or on a video call together. Having this time means you can think about it more in depth and then have a real thorough de-brief together. Going around in a circle and talk about what worked, what didn’t and what to improve on for next time…

Photo by mentatdgt

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