The Travel Book – Auberge Des Franciscains, Mulhouse, France

When you go to a new town it is lovely to explore but the thing that can make the experience a heightened one is if you can find somewhere to eat that is great. When we went to Mulhouse we asked the receptionist in the hotel for a really good restaurant to have lunch. We specifically told them we wanted to go somewhere that the locals go, where it isn’t a tourist trap and they suggested this place.

Auberge Des Franciscains is located on the Rue de Franciscains. It is a traditional Alsatian restaurant that has a real history And warm feel about it. The restaurant is usually (pre-covid) open for lunch and dinner. The restaurant is home to a variety of menus. There are the plat du jour menu such as the Menu de la fete, Menu Gormet and Menu Alsacien, There is also an A La Carte menu which has dishes such as Cote de Porc Marchand de vin, Beackoaffa, salade verte, filet de sole Normande and Fischnacacka just to name a few.

We went to this restaurant the end of 2019 and one thing I will mention is that you have to book in advance and it fills up very fast. The staff are really friendly and the food was really tasty and Worth visiting. I recommend going if you can.

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