Off The Record – ALBUM REVIEW – All Distortions are Intentional, Neck Deep

Have you ever wanted To listen to a new band or musician and not sure where to start? Well, instead of listening to their commercial music, why not start with something off the album first!  Today we look at the new album by Neck Deep – All Distortions are Intentional


This is the first song on the a new album and the opening of the track is of really heavy guitar track riffs and it really packs a punch right from the start. The title of the album is All Distortions Are Intentional and this song sort of impacts the other name automatically. It’s so feels heavier than their previous albums but that’s not a bad thing. It works really well with this style of music and this song is really catchy. It makes you excited to see what else is to come on the album. Two thirds of the way through the song, there is a melody that is only guitars and it really creates emotion to the song as it is talking about the strange times that we live in and that if you don’t fit in you may be finding it harder then normal.

Low Life

This song starts with the band sort of talking and then a drum slowly comes in with the lyrics. It has a real punk rock vibe to this song and I think it’ll be really is a fun track on the album. The lyrics are poetic lyrics and are really punchy. A piano starts coming in through the verse and makes a jingly sort of sound and this sort of takes the verses of into a different level of goodness. Of course in the song (particularly the chorus) there is heavy guitar riffs. Fun little song.


This song has a very different vibe to the tracks that you’ve heard up to this point. It is a has a heavier bass stylings to it, it is also a shorter song and it’s in a lower key of octave. This style sort of creates a darkened interlude to the album but it still packs a punch as well because of the track being so different. It doesn’t feel as punk rock, it feels like it sort of got undertones of a Hip hop track.

Little Dove

You only need to listen to the songs after Quarry to realize that the style of the album has changed the songs feel like they have more meaningful and emotional lyrics. It’s sort of come away from your average Punk Rock album. It’s an interesting listen to the songs after Quarry because they are more sad you wonder if they have been written or developed over a different times to the beginning of the album, maybe even during lockdown. This music takes you on a journey this song in particular is does exactly that. This song focusses on guitar acoustic sounds to create an emotional track and also one of the slower than the album it is pretty. It also has lyrics that call back to the word Quarry which to me is definitely an indicator that the emotion of the album has changed.

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