The Travel Book

The Travel Book – The Travel Photos Pt.5

I love to travel but one thing I adore also is taking photos. Yes, I am that person who takes photos and videos at concerts – I have no shame because I know that I will watch those videos again. The other day I watched videos I recorded at a gig from 2011. I love having visual memories around me and when I go travelling I take a lot of photos.

I don’t just keep digital copies, I choose my favourites and get them printed. I have them scrapbooked and a handful of them I have on my walls. Over the next few weeks I am going to take you through my travel photos I have around my room and what they mean to me. In up and coming versions of this article I will look at some of my scrapbooks as well.

This week is the final part of lookin at more photos of adventures

Olden, Norway

As I have already said a few weeks back, Olden is a really wonderful place. It is so rustic and really pretty and looks like it has been taken out of a book. I really like this photo as it was a really remote area in the photo highlights it it was raining and I feel that the color reflected in this photo shows that.

Florence, Italy

I loved visiting Italy and in Florence I wish I had more time to explore. I really liked this photo because it creates the drama of what Florence is and it really shows you just how high and big the cathedral is to the city.

Stockholm, Sweden

I went to Sweden quite a while back and I don’t remember too much about it apart from it was cold and there was a lot of water. I like this photo because it reminds me just how blue the water actually was and how Brightly colored but boats and buildings are.

Chicago Park

We started with Chicago so it’s only right that we end this journey with the same city. This is my favorite photo ever taken of Chicago. I love the bright colors of the Fountain and just the depth of field. It always makes me happy.

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