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The Travel Book – The Travel Photos Pt.2

I love to travel but one thing I adore also is taking photos. Yes, I am that person who takes photos and videos at concerts – I have no shame because I know that I will watch those videos again. The other day I watched videos I recorded at a gig from 2011. I love having visual memories around me and when I go travelling I take a lot of photos.

I don’t just keep digital copies, I choose my favourites and get them printed. I have them scrapbooked and a handful of them I have on my walls. Over the next few weeks I am going to take you through my travel photos I have around my room and what they mean to me. In up and coming versions of this article I will look at some of my scrapbooks as well.

This week we will look at more photos of adventures

Boston Whale Watching

I love this photo, it was the first time we ever went whale watching and it brings back great memories and happy times.

I love being on the water and seeing this photograph makes me smile every time and makes me want to go back to the Sea.

Chicago skyline

Chicago is one of my favorite places and this picture always brings me back to great memories/ Chicago is such a vibrant City and I love this photo with the sky and Lake are the same color, it brings a sense of magic to the place.

Geiranger, Norway

I have a whole photo frame dedicated to Norway and this is one of those photos. I love Norway and I may have seen many mountains, I have never seen any as impressive as the Fjords in Gieranger,

I took this photo at the top of one of the walks and it reminds me of the beauty and fresh air and the feeling of happiness.

Olden, Norway

Whilst Gieranger blew me away, Olden knocked me off my socks as to how pretty it was. We went there on a really rainy day. I love the contrast of the sky and that it brings more drama to this photo. This particular photo was taken when we got lost and accidentally ended up in someone’s land. I like how dramatic it looks of the bright brown logs against the Green backdrop. I had to take the photo. It is one of my favorites even now after 8 years.

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