The Single Sessions – The Green Garden, Michael Butera

Welcome to the feature where we look at new singles coming onto the music scene. We look at the brand new single by Michael Burtera that is released today.

This song The Green Garden opens with a really interesting and mystical piano Melody which introduces you to this world that Michael is creating for the listener. The whole song is based around this melody to create some sort of mystical illusion that is based on metaphors, depicted through the lyrics to create the emphasis on the title of the song. The relationship defined in the song all rely and focus on nature to create feeling.

The Rhythm and the tempo of this song some would say is slow but don’t get this confused, it is not a ballad instead it comes across as an uplifting track which could be defined as Pop intertwined with Indie.

Throughout the song, colors and the fading of nature highlights the emotions filled with missing having someone as part of your life. This ideology is heavily emphasized throughout the song and whilst at times it may sound repetitive, it actually works really well with.The song sort of feels religious in a weird sort of way due to the way that the nature aesthetic is used and that is very clever.

The piano is the key instrument you hear throughout the song and this really makes the song striking. There is a prominent drum beat that is used throughout that feels like it changes styles throughout ( for example one minute it feels electronic) to create this fantastical sense of this environment being painted within your mind.

I feel this is a really interesting song and has a sound that is very unique. If you put it up against songs that are around at the moment, I would say that this song is very different to others. If you’re looking for something different to add to your music collection, this is something you should consider listening to.

Listen to if you like: Max, Ed Sheeran, The Script, Glass Animals, Keane

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