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The Travel Book – The Discovery Museum, Newcastle, United Kingdom

When you move to a new area, I think it is important to learn about the history and the culture of that area. I had to live in Newcastle for my work for a year and one of the first things I did on my day off was visit the Discovery Museum.

The museum is located in an old Co-operative Wholesale Society Building called Blandford House. It originally opened it’s doors in 1899 and was re-launched as Discovery Museum in 1993. It is located in the town centre at Blandford Square which is within walking distance of the train station.

The museum is usually open daily and is home to many permanent exhibitions including Destination Tyneside which explores the history of this particular area of the North East. It explores the history of ship building, coal mining and heavy engineering and how it has help develop the city that it is today.

Another permanent exhibition is called the Newcastle Story which explores the history of the city and allows you to walk through exhibits that show you how it’d developed. It explores all the way from Roman Times through to Victorian period, the sixties and all the way through to the present day.

I was really impressed when I visited this museum in 2015, it was a great way to gain an understanding of the history and foundation that makes this part of the UK. I really enjoyed the Newcastle Story and found it really interesting.

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