Media Madness – This Week – Entertainment Activities I Love

Due to the popularity of Question Roulette the past few years, I thought it was time to jump to another book with lots of questions. This time the book is called Music Madness Mayhem – the book covers everything from film, television, music, and much more! So every week we will be covering questions from the book until we run out! I am not going to number them this time as I am going to be doing the book in a random order!

Topic of the week – Entertainment Activities I Love

As you can probably tell by this website, I love everything Entertainment and media. Well, todays topic is a pretty fun one for me because I get to talk about Entertainment based hobbies that I love so here are my top 5 things I enjoy doing that are Entertainment based.

1) Playing Instruments

From an extremely early age my parents got told I needed to play instruments as I have a musical ear. I have played keyboard since I as 3, played recorder and violin at school, taught myself guitar at 17 and recently was give an xylophone. I love playing instruments as I find them so relaxing and I spend a lot of the time playing them, I also want to learn Saxophone and Drums.

2) A Good Comedy Show

I love stand up comedy and it was a freelance job with ComComedy back in 2013 that got me completely interested in acts that were not on primtime television. There us nothing more fun then going to a gig and laughing out loud. My favourite sort of stand up gig is in an intimate or small space instead of going to arenas. Some of my favourite shows have been Russell Howard at St James’ Theatre, James Acaster at Sunderland Comedy Festival and Ari Eldjárn at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

3) Seeing Live Music

I love seeing live music it is one thing in life that makes me truly and utterly happy. Live music is just amazing and I love seeing bands live. It is amazing getting that ticket to a show you are desperate to see but it is also good to see a show by a band you were not expecting anything from and are not a fan of until you see them live. This has happened only twice to me – I couldn’t stand Kasabian until I got dragged to see them live and saw they were amazing and Yungblud I didn’t really listen to his music until I saw how well he performed.

4) Performing Improv

I really enjoy performing improv and I have always loved being on stage. I love the energy and feel so alive and at home performing in front of others. I love performing and I adore making people laugh.

5) Exploring Book Shops

OK, so this seems a bit random but I love going to a book shop walking around and exploring what books there are out there and deciding what ones I want to add to the list to read next. It is always exciting to me to find a new book.

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