In The Games Corner – Titus The Fox, Amstrad CPC

Today we look at a side scrolling platform game that was available on Amstrad CPC. Titus the Fox was released in 1991, it was developed and published by Titus France. The game was originally called Zagaf’ : Les Aventures de Moktar – Vol 1: La Zoubida. The original version of the game featured the French comedian Lagaf. It was a tie in to his song called ‘La Zoubida’.

When it was revamped he was replaced with Titus the Fox. In the Game Titus has to rescue his girlfriend Suzy who has been kidnapped and taken to the other side of the Sahara desert.

The game has 15 levels and you have to fight enemies throughout by throwing them. Some of the villains include characters such as dogs, giant bees and construction workers.

A really interesting think about this game is that on every machine that it is played on it creates a uniquely calculated code for ‘saving’ the game.

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