ComedySportz Manchester – INTERVIEW – Fresh Air, New ‘Cheese’ and 19 Years….

This month we are celebrating the improv Scene in Manchester and all month we are talking to ComedySportz to find out all about it! This week we talk about inspirations, the best pieces of advice and shows.

Who are some Improvisers that you find inspiring and why?

Dick Chudnow – founder of ComedySportz, is one of the most joyful people to watch on stage ever. His playfulness has no limit and I can only aspire to be THAT silly! Other amazing people to watch and play with: Tara Defransisco (so much heart), Jill Bernard (so much truth), Luis Cortes (so much sass) and pretty much all of my players.

What three things are you looking forward to about performing in an improv show?

As in… when we can get back in theatres again? 1: Fresh air, 2: Touching (appropriately) 3: Hearing an audience respond.

What are some of the best bits of advice you have been given about improv and why?

James Thomas Bailey of ComedySportz Los Angeles told me “No one cares about you”… which sounds harsh, but was the best piece of advice to lose inhibitions and just play without worrying or holding back.

What have been some of your favourite moments on stage?

Way too many over 19 years… but my favourite parts are the ones that are the most real. Whenever we play ComedySportz, the game Game-A-Matic is really fun as we get to invent a new game right there and then. A fairly recent one was Singing Madheads, and here is the video:

What have been some of the worst and why?

Well, trying to do a show pretty much straight after me and my ex husband split up was pretty hard. Still managed to have fun though. There have been some awful corporate gigs but everyone’s story about those sort of gigs are pretty much the same… Though I do remember the organiser of one such gig coming up to us and saying, minutes before going on, “they’re all really drunk so no one will be listening anyway.”

For new improvisers, what would your key bit of advice be?

The ‘rules’ are there to help you start out, but don’t feel like they are the be all and end all. Listen, play, be nice to people.

What are three things you want to focus on this season with your own improv?

  1. More fun online shows, even when we can get back into theatres.
  2. More musical based stuff.
  3. More social fun stuff!

What have been some of the best suggestions that you have been given in a show and why?

Any suggestion that you don’t expect to come out of a child’s mouth (we do a lot of family friendly shows)… the clever and or/innocent words. Ideally not ‘Pizza’, which appears to be the new “cheese”.

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?

You can find us on twitter (@ComedySportz_UK), Instagram (@cszmanchester) and Facebook ( plus a few more – but those are our main ones. For a full list you can visit

How do you warm up before a show? 

Depends what our energy is beforehand, sometimes we chat, sometimes we do loads of warm up games. Last thing we do is make sure everyone knows they have everyone else’s back.

How do you wind down?


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