The Travel Diaries

The Travel Diaries – Picton, New Zealand

Straight from my awesome weekend in The Abel Tasman with my friends, I headed over to Picton to catch the ferry to the North Island. But before that I had time for a couple of adventures.

The first of which was a Dolphin Swimming Tour with E-Ko tours. The only tour company in the Marlborough Sounds who offer this experience. They had great staff with awesome knowledge of both the animals and local area. Our boat was Skippered by Captain Paul (great name) and our tour guide was Josephine. They both made the experience an awesome adventure.

We started by cruising around the sounds, visiting some nice bays and local wildlife along the way. We saw New Zealand Fur Seals and some King Shags. But then came the main event. We saw a small pod of Hectar dolphins in one bay, playing and swimming around our boat. It was a magical experience to see them so close and clearly. After a while spent watching these amazing animals (you aren’t allowed to swim with them) we moved on to look for dolphins we could swim with.

We spotted a large pod of Bottlenose Dolphins out towards the open ocean. Every gathered at the back of the boat, put on their snorkeling gear and jumped in to the water! To see so many of these dolphins swim straight past you was an amazing experience. We weren’t able to stay in the water too long (to protect the dolphins) but they did swim along side the boat for a while, giving me a chance to capture some awesome shots!

On the tour I made some friends from both Belgium and the UK. That afternoon we went to explore Pelorus River and had a great time jumping off the rocks and trying to take underwater selfies (see the result below). To carry on the adventure, the next day myself, Sammy and Yordi hiked to the top of Mt Stokes which offered an amazing view of the Marlborough Sounds.

Something I forgot to mention in the last blog is that i got a new phone! The iPhone 11 and to be honest I am blown away but the camera’s capability. So a lot of the photo’s you will see in this blog and any future blogs will be coming from my phone. This is simply because it’s easier to carry, I always have it on me and sometimes I’m a little lazy.

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