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The Travel Book – The Little Mermaid Statue, Copenhagen, Denmark

mermaid 2If you head to Copenhagen, or even tell anyone that you are going there for a visit, there is one particular tourist attraction that always comes up that you need to visit – The Little Mermaid Statue.

The Little Mermaid is a statue created by Edward Eriksen and it is located in Langerlinie. The sculpture was opened on the 23rd August 1913 and was based on the fairy tale by the Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. The statue is just over 4ft tall and weighs 385lb. The statue is located at the edge of the harbour and has been vandalised numerous times over the years for various different political reasons.

I went to Denmark for the first time this year and we went to the see The Little Mermaid Statue. We had an action packed weekend (we walked 20 miles one day) that it very nearly didn’t happen. Also, the wind and the weather was really bad the day we went, so even though we made it to the statue we couldn’t stay long and it was a fight against the wind to even make it there!

I was first surprised at how far out it was from the harbor and wasn’t really a central location. Saying that, I was really impressed by the statue. I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did but I enjoyed seeing it and glad we got a chance to.

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