INTERVIEW: Clickfire: The Impronauts Break the Internet!

With the difficult times we are facing at the moment, it is the perfect time to try something new whilst you are forced to stay indoors and over the next couple of weeks we are interviewing acts that are putting on everything from projects to lessons. Today, we are talking to Cambridge Impronauts who have a show this weekend!

Hello there tell us a little bit about yourself!

Hey! My name is Barney and I’m the new troupe director for the Cambridge Impronauts, and more excitingly the director of our upcoming show Clickfire: The Impronauts Break the Internet!

Tell us all about the project that you are bringing to the online world at the moment?

Well, in Clickfire we are taking our acclaimed short-form improv show Quickfire and squeezing it through the internet to live stream into our audience’s homes!

It will be the same weird and wonderful games played by an incredible, witty and bizarre cast of impronauts, only this time it will be online for anyone around the world to watch and give prompts for from the comfort of their home.

What times does it run throughout the day?

If you want to be a part of the live experience giving prompts and comments it will be on at 2pm  this coming Sunday (26th April). If you miss this, do not fret, for it will be rebroadcast on the ADC Theatre YouTube Channel at 7pm on Monday 27th April.

How much does it cost , what platform etc?

The show is COMPLETELY FREE (no asterisk), we will be streaming the show live on Youtube, so all people need to do is subscribe to the Cambridge Impronauts on Youtube and join us on Sunday!

How was the project formed?

Well once we were all confined to our houses, us Impronauts all felt we needed to keep improvising. So we started video calling each other and playing games that work through the internet. This became so much fun that we thought that being stuck at home shouldn’t hold us back from running our Quickfire show online, and thankfully the ADC were there to help us make it a reality.

How has it been going so far?

Maniacal, ridiculous, and insanely fun! We’re finding a multitude of ways to play with the online format, and even have had members who had moved overseas returning to play, which has made the whole experience really enriched and fresh. There is a general buzz about the prospect of the live stream and entering this online world!

With everything happening in the world at the moment, why is it so important to have activities like yours available?

If there are two things us Impronauts want to give people, it’s laughter and escapism. This has always been true, but now with all the uncertainty and worry about what’s happening in the world, we’re hoping that we can provide them, and commend other comedy groups doing similar things with their shows. If I think we have made even one person feel a little better about things with our comedy, I will be over the moon (metaphorically).

What can people expect over the next few weeks from your project?

We of course intend to keep streaming out more Clickfire shows after this Sunday, so watch this space! We are also exploring putting different themes into our streams, so one show may be set in the medieval times with jesters trying to gain the King’s favour, or a reality tv show where the audience will vote on who gave the best speech about Damien’s new hair in the jungle. This Sunday will be all about the future, and I’m very excited to dress as an alien slug especially for it.

If people want to find out more about you on social media where shall they visit?

People can find us on Facebook on, or on twitter @impronauts. People can also find us on youtube where the streams will happen at t

Finally why should people get involved?

Because it’s comedy you can control! Your prompts as an audience member will shape our games and scenes, and it’s always wonderful hearing ideas from an audience that we’d never think of. Streaming improv is genuinely like nothing else online and it’s worth checking out. We’ve been running rehearsals lately and everyone involved have been so incredibly witty and energetic that you should not turn down an opportunity to see that with your own eyes this Sunday afternoon!

If nothing else, it will be an amazing opportunity to see a bunch of weird people playing weird games for no reason other than to try and make people smile.

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