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The Travel Book – Hampstead Heath, London, United Kingdom

It is one of the highest points in London that both Londoners and tourists go to visit to see the breathtaking views that you see across the Skyline. Hampstead Heath is a public park that covers 790 acres of land and runs between Highgate to Hampstead. It also goes by the nickname of the Heath as well and rests on a band of London Clay. The Heath apparently dates back to the year 986 and has had a very rich history since then.

hampstead 2

Due to the mass of Hampstead Heath, there are many different areas that you can visit that will provide you with a different experience at each one. This includes Highgate ponds (which has two single-sex swimming pools, boating ponds and a wildlife reserve), Parliament Hill Fields (322ft high with a great skyline view of the city) and Golders Hill Park just to name a few.

hampstead 3

I have been to Hampstead Heath only once, and we went to Golders Hill Park there was a great view, lots to see and do and we had a lovely long walk in the summer. There is so much to see in this area of London that I look forward to going back. Also a lot of films use parts of this as a location so it would be good to go back to see it for that as well.

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