The 30 Day Book Challenge! – Day 8 -Most Overrated Book

Welcome to a brand new feature that is going to run for this month – this April we are going to celebrate the world of Books! The last few weeks and months we have all been part of a weird world to say the least so this month we thought it would be nice to talk about something that allows you to escape even if it just for a chapter at a time. So this month we are taking on the 30 Day Book Challenge and looking at a different topic each day, enjoy!

30 day book challenge

Day 8: Most Overrated Book
NAME OF BOOK:  P.S I Love You, Cecelia Ahern

ps i love oyuIt is very rare for me to say I prefer a film to a book but in this case I would say this is the truth. I read the book way before the film came out and the outcome and the ending of the book always disappointed me.

I have read P.S I Love You by Cecelia Ahern and I remember that I thought it was an ok read but the ending was awful. I felt that it was a really confusing and bad finish to a book that has so much praise and recognition. I have read a number of Cecelia books and I always find the same thing – the ending is awful they are disappointing and always feel completely random that I have actually got to a point after reading two or three of her books that I refuse to read her anymore.

Whilst the concept of P.S I Love You is clever, the film made the story so much better then the book. I feel the film saw the faults of the book and tried to resolve it. That is why i feel this book is highly overrated – a film should not be better then the book.

This is why this book really annoys me and why I find it overrated – a book should be better then a film not the other way round. The book should be the bread and butter and in my personal opinion and that’s why I don’t like P.S I Love You. Sorry to those I have offended with this article.

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