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The Travel Book – Oscar Under Broen, Copenhagen, Denmark

When you go to a new city, it is great to have a look at all of the popular well know sites but what about some that are sort of hidden or a mini secret to the area? Well if you are going to Copenhagen, you should try to make time to find the 6 Forgotten Giants.


Thomas Dambo is an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark who makes big art projects around the city of rubbish and recycled materials from city dumpsters. The Six Forgotten Giants are one of his projects and the giants are located in different municipalities of Western Copenhagen – Rødovre, Hvidovre, Vallensbook, Ishøj, Albertslund and Høje Toastrip.  The structures were made from scrap wood and were built by local volunteers. The aim of the project was to bring art out of the museum and place them in areas of nature spots that are usually overlooked.

oscar 3

When we went to Copenhagen we visited Ishøj for the art museum there and when researching the are, I came across Oscar. So we visited the museum (which I am sure I will write about at a later date on this feature) and then we went for a walk to find the troll. It is true what the aim of the projects are – to take you to areas of beauty that you may not of heard about. The walk took us along a really lovely secluded beach and inland to an area that takes you to an area with lots of birds.

oscar 2

To see the troll, you have to walk down a little grass hill next to the bridge to see Oscar in all his glory. He is actually ‘holding’ up the bridge, it is really cool to see from every angle and I know that I haven’t seen anything like it before. It is fantastic, it is such a unique structure that it should be admired from every angle.

I would love to go back to Copenhagen to see the rest of these structures as they are so interesting and from looking online, it looks like all of them are so different.

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