In The Games Corner – Alter Ego, Commodore 64

Today we look at a computer game that was released in 1986 by Activision – Alter Ego. The aim of the game is that users have the ability to make decisions for a made up person from their birth until they die. Alter Ego was created by Peter J Favars and was released on the 22nd December 1986.

In the life simulation game you chose different icons on a tree and decide what experiences your male of female person will have. The aim of the game is to see what impacts different decisions have on their life. In the game you have seven different phrases that they go through including infancy, childhood, adulthood and old age. Apparently, they game had some disturbing choices that led to premature death.

The game was advertised that it was based on psychological knowledge and experience. The game received a lot of positive reviews with some saying it was a delightful experience. Although some did criticise that after the first time it was very repetitive and it felt like it was a bit preachy.

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