Improv Corner – Every Mistake Is A Gift

It is something you hear a lot in improv especially when people first start out doing the comedy format – what if i go on stage and make a mistake? Well, embrace them! Here are a few reasons why:

Failure is part of improv
The one thing you learn in improv, is that failure is part of the comedy form and actually, it makes it really fun to watch. Improv is made up on the spot so failure is bound to happen as we are only humour.

Don’t think of it as failure!
It is not failure! Putting the F word on it in the first place automatically makes you think that it is a negative thing – it is not a negative thing at all! Embrace it and think of it in a positive light!

Some of the funniest improv starts here
When you start doing improv, the most terrifying thing when you first start performing is the idea that you will mess up on stage and people will judge you – well they won’t! Audiences loveeeeee the ‘failures’ of improv, and let me emphasise that again  – loooovvveeeeeeeeeeeeee. It is the thing that makes improv hilarious and great! It can create some of the funniest scenes and be the highlight of the show! 

Team Support
One important thing you need to remember that even if you do ‘fail’ on stage the players and team around you are there to support you and they will make sure that they help you out if you need it.

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